All About Kilim

Amazigh tribes/styles

Moroccan rugs continue to be popular in interior design around the world. Thick piles, furry rugs with thick knots made of natural wool, particularly the famous minimalist Beni Ourain, have occupied a central place. Moroccan Amazigh tribes, on the other hand, made an amazing variety of rugs using 'flat weave' techniques which are called Kilim. They make blankets, and woven floor coverings with a low knotted pile – and these Kilim rugs are some of the most beautiful pieces available. These rugs may add an intrinsic sense of modernity and complexity to a room with unique designs that originate from the way they were woven and are often focused on ordered geometric shapes or simple harmonious bands of color.



Sheep breeding was important to Moroccan Amazigh nomads and peasant farmers, and these splendid textiles, woven by local women on upright looms, represented the importance of wool in all aspects of life. Wedding capes; heavy bushy shawls ( called: handiras); flatweave rugs for houses or tents; cozy blankets; and large grain bags borne on a mule.

Solid patterns of color and dramatic geometric shapes, frequently paired with creamy white or ivory cotton to point out the symbols, are prominent due to the weaving techniques used. With a subdued interior palette, these vibrant designs and colors look fantastic.

There are a variety of reasons why Kilims are exceptional. Apart from their distinctive aesthetics style , Kilim rugs have a number of other advantages that make them an excellent choice for your space.



Kilims can be used in a variety of ways. A Kilim rug may be used for more than just flooring decoration. It can be hung on the wall as a delicate piece of art or used as the upholstery for a fantastic sectional sofa. Regardless of how you arrange your Kilim, it will immediately bring your space to light.

A Kilim rug's design possibilities are virtually limitless. It's easy to incorporate it into interiors because there are so many colors and themes from which to choose. It could be used in a variety of space settings, depending on your home's predominant theme, whether modern or conventional in nature. This type of rug is ideal for multicultural themes because it has the right balance of aesthetic appeal and personality. They function well in contemporary design as decorative accessories for a minimalist environment, and they also blend in with a typical home's classic look.

They may serve as main subjects for a room or as contrasting home design that helps to bind a design together. It's a great way to floor furniture, add a splash of color, add volume and rhythm, and give a room a sense of euphoria.



Kilims have a timeless appeal. Kilims rugs have proved to be long-lasting. They are classic, but they will never go out of trend. Even if the interior design of your space changes, an elevated Kilim rug will be flexible to cope.

Kilims are transforming. Their designs started to develop into more modern models as Kilims became one of the most hunted after rugs for home design. The abstract prints have been scaled back to a more muted palette. The flat weave texture and conventional technique are the same in these new kilims, however the models are more conceptual and oriented toward a futuristic vibe.