Are Handmade Moroccan Rugs Considered Art?

Moroccan Rugs

There is no doubt that handmade rugs are the real fascination but the question is, are they just floor coverings or a pieces of art as well?


If you have seen any Moroccan rug, you will notice that they have various designs, colors, patterns, symbolism, thus a meaning. This cannot just be a floor covering, now can it?

We often consider paintings as fine pieces of art but Moroccan rugs are the real art. A great painting no one can deny its beauty, colors, and composition. However, A painting can never be used other than a painting on the wall nor can no one ever walk on it, while Moroccan rugs ensure the two purposes.

All handmade rugs throughout the world, like Moroccan rugs, are made from natural ingredients, wool, silk, and vegetable dyes that are used to create the most lively designs. They are often mistaken for machine-made rugs though there is a huge difference between the two. One of the main differences is longevity as handmade rugs take a lot longer to be made but secure a lot longer life span in contrast to machine-made rugs.

Where Does Art Lie on Moroccan Rugs?


Moroccan rugs have either particular or multiple patterns, designs, and motifs that distinguish the weaver and the tribe from the rest. Needless to say, since they are handmade, it's only natural for them to have some imperfections which make the best out of them. Moroccan rugs usually contain geometric or artistic designs. It’s fascinating to analyze the symbolism behind those symbols and meanings because they offer a real insight into the history and the weaver’s perspective.

Looking for the meaning and understanding the symbolism behind a Moroccan rug can be enjoyable but frustrating at the same time as they date back to prehistorical times. There are so many sources, so many specialists claiming this and that. However, a simple understanding of where the rug is from and who made it is a great start and can be super valuable. As an art piece, it’s very much at a person’s discretion to analyze and understand the meaning of the painting or indeed a handmade rug. The artist or the weaver, sets a design, pattern composition, and style to create a piece of art.

The Meaning of Colors on Moroccan Rugs


When it comes to art in general, colors are regarded as one of the central elements. Same as art, Moroccan rugs have always been known for their beautiful coloring and designs. Colors in a Moroccan rug are there to tell a story as each color holds a great significance in the Amazigh (Berber) display. From those that represent nature, the land, and the culture, every color has a reflection behind it. Overall, choosing rug colors based on how we feel is important in order to set the mood for the space, it’s put in.

I won’t get into the details as I have written about it in another blog post.

Who would have thought there’s so much to Moroccan rugs. The interest, fascination, and awe don’t evaporate only increase. Therefore, if you ever are lucky enough to come across a Moroccan rug I hope you get a chance to purchase and add a bit of soul, color, and history to your home.