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Moroccan Rugs


If you're a Moroccan rug lover on a tight budget, don't worry. Thanks to the site below, you can easily spice up your floor without jeopardizing your wallet. No matter what type of Moroccan rug you're looking for, I've got a feeling you'll find it in no time. Plus, you won't have to spend tons of time visiting oriental shops and dealers IRL to find the Moroccan rug of your dreams. In fact, Babakech brings the luxury Bazar feel right from the comfort of your couch.

Moroccan rugs have the potential to transform the look and mood of any room, and they’re some of the easiest home decor items to incorporate if you want to adopt a new look to your interior. Ultimately, rugs suffer wear and tear from day-to-day living, accruing stains, and thinning patches, so it’s likely that they’re some of the first items in your home that need to be replaced. Lucky for you, you won’t have to spend a fortune buying a new rug.



Top-Notch Quality Before Anything



Nowadays, there are many different types of rugs you can purchase for your home that come in all kinds of materials. Some can be durable and others can be deficient. That's where Baakech rugs excel. Wool and silk have been used by the nomadic weavers throughout time as the go-to fabric for all of their rugs. It is durable enough to withstand heavy foot trafficking and the harshest weather conditions but soft enough that kids can play on top without hurting themselves or wearing out their knees.



What does Babakech Have to Offer?



You’ll be spoiled with infinite choices at the online rug retailer Babkech. The renowned shop carries a rotating selection of vintage, contemporary, and modern handwoven rugs, priced between 300$ to 1000$, depending on the complexity of the rug. The brand's mission is to introduce the Moroccan rug to the world by making rugs affordable to a wide range of customers, and their rugs are all ethically made with sustainability taking full priority.



Style and substance are both present in Babakechi’s eponymous brand. Featuring a community of independent weavers based in the rural regions of Morocco, Babakech sells everything from timeless pieces to the most artistically illustrated rugs. The site also introduces the designs of 15 different tribes, including hand-knotted and Kilim (flat woven) rugs, as well as a variety of size and shape options to choose from.



You Can Customize Your Own


The rug brand also features convenient customize services. Simply pick a tribe, a color combination, a style preference and a representative will happily assist you in customizing the perfect rug for your space. In other words, Babakech offers a collection of different tribal designs so you can have the liberty to choose your unique design without worrying whether the rug you purchased is going to fit or not.

 By mastering the rug business for a time now, Babakech established a strong repetition to be one of the most reliable online rug stores in the industry. And It's now more than ever for you to upgrade from the typical poor-quality affordable rug brands like IKEA and to consider the many authentic rugs Babakech has to offer. Your best online source to get statement rugs that can last a lifetime.