A Guide to Style a Moroccan Rug

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We all have spent thousands of hours on the internet, especially Pinterest in order to find inspiration to style our space. The huge amount of designs and styles leaves us all wondering how to perfectly style and match every inch of our houses. To purchase an Amazigh Moroccan rug is not an easy task. You have probably spent hours on the internet looking for "the one", you fell in love with some of them but you find it difficult to picture it in your space. How to fit a classic neutral Beni Ouarain rug or a colorful Azilal rug to your space. In this article, you will find a little extra support to make the picture clearer. 



Go Easy With a Beni Ouarain Rug



If you are a minimalist or a monochrome lover; the Beni Ouarian rug should be at the top of your wish list. This style of Amazigh Moroccan rugs is culturally diverse, sophistically looking, that will fit effortlessly with a neutral background to add the extra warmth and coziness your space needed. The geometric design and the undyed background of the rug fit like a glove in spaces with clean lines and smooth textures. You can use them either in contemporary style for an extra luxurious look or a family home for a sophisticated vibe. 


Interior designers, home decor experts, and stylists have flocked to Beni Ouarian rugs for their timeless and neutral looks. Natural wool has a plain, chic look that works very well in spaces subdued color schemes. In case your space is not a minimalistic one, the simple look of Beni Ouarian rugs will add a catchy look to it. The natural neutral shade of the sheep wool can be used to bind a mix of bright colors together, or the basic geometric designs can be used to create a central focus in a minimalist home. A raw, contemporary atmosphere can be achieved by putting a fluffy, ivory tribal Beni Ouarian rug against a backdrop of earthy colors. To create a truly artistic feeling, introduce some plants and trendy wall art to your space. There are some contemporary design rugs that have integrated colors to their styles, which can be handy if you want both the quality and name of Beni Ouarian with a splash of color. 



Multi-Colored Moroccan Rugs




In case you have bright paintings, boho, funky accessories, and decorative wallpaper in your home, and you are looking for an Amazigh Moroccan rug that will fit in with the colorful interior while maintaining a bohemian vibe; Mrirt and Azilal rugs are the perfect choices for you. Their art nouveau look, combined with their multicolored designs; provides the splash of color you are after. These rugs will add a pop of color to either your hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. 

A fresh look can be achieved by combining earthy home colors with vivid Azilal or Mrirt rug motifs. The rug's natural wool color base of ivory and creamy-white soften the rug's vibrant and dramatic designs, allowing for a coherent blend of colors. A space can be transformed into a soothing organic retreat by adding green plants and wicker or rattan furniture. Feel yourself surrender to the peacefulness of the space by lighting a lavender candle. 


All in all, Moroccan Amazigh rugs are well known for their endless designs and their huge selection of colors, they are absolutely not limited to Beni Ouarain, Mrirt, or Azilal, and each style has its own specific vibes; therefore you will have loads of rugs selections to choose from. And without any doubt, you will find 'the one' that you really desire.