Choose Your Style: Contemporary Rugs vs. Modern Rugs

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Your house is a blank canvas. Rugs help tie the room together, whether you choose to paint in a modern or contemporary style. But do you understand the differences in style between modern and contemporary? They can be perplexed at times, so we hope this article provides some clarity as well as plenty of style inspiration.

Rugs can express the subtle differences between modern and contemporary styles, leaving neither passersby nor residents in doubt about the room's theme. Contemporary and modern styles frequently set the tone for how a room will be used. Modern rugs and contemporary rugs can help you achieve a warmer-looking room for video calls to your office or extended family, or a cooler, more abstract style for living rooms and dining rooms. Let's go exploring!


What is the Distinction Between Modern and Contemporary Styles?


Modern and contemporary styles are two themes that define the era we live in when it comes to trends. These looks are similar but have distinguishing key features that set them apart. Both of these styles have recently emerged and are very popular in home and decor today.

How can you tell the difference between modern and contemporary rug styles? Learn which is which in order to determine which is which.

Modern Design: Clean, Sleek, and Uncluttered, with Design Influences Dating Back to the 1960s

Clean lines, minimalist approaches (no clutter, collections, or busy patterns), and pairing wood floors and furniture with sleek materials are all hallmarks of modern home design. Rugs with styles from the last few decades are considered modern. With arches, curves, triangles, and slanted lines, the lines and shapes found in modern design usually elongate the room.

Warm, inviting colors are used in modern styles. Oranges and bright reds contrast with the wood used for the floor and furniture. This Modern Area Rug from Babakech rugs would look great in a modern-themed living room or dining room.

Contemporary Style: Minimalist Decor That Is Popular Right Now

Contemporary design does not belong to a specific era. Rather, it's the current fashion. Contemporary rugs typically have distinct textures that draw attention to the depth of a room. Contemporary, like modern, is a minimalist approach that avoids busy patterns; however, unlike modern, contemporary styles typically use more neutral colors to make a room appear larger. A bright color, such as bright yellow pillows on a white couch, can be used to draw the eye.

Handmade rugs and rugs with unique shapes and designs are frequently used in a modern setting to tie the neutral tones together or to make the room pop with one or two vivid colors displayed in a simple pattern. The designs on these rugs can transform them into works of art. This Shaggy Checker Area Rug from Babakech rugs has a distinct texture and shape that complements a modern-styled room.


Choosing Between Modern Rugs and Contemporary Rugs


Always consider the effect you want to achieve when choosing between a contemporary and a modern rug. With their lines and approaches, these rugs make a room appear larger. Consider what would give the room more depth. A textured rug can help make a small room feel larger. A rug with a series of colored shapes on it can draw attention to cathedral ceilings.

Of course, your home can have different styles in different parts of the house. You might choose a modern rug for your living room, but a contemporary rug for your basement bar and game room.

What are your favorite colors? A modern rug will work well if you want a warm, cozy background that goes well with wood or warmer shades of brick. A contemporary rug, on the other hand, will best suit your needs if you like the bold drama of striking colors against a neutral background, statement pieces, and lines that squiggle rather than a curve.


What Should You Prioritize? the rug or the room?


You do not have to design a room around a rug, nor do you have to choose a rug to match a room. Rugs can be statement pieces or blend in with your room's existing decor.

Rug Comes First

If you fall in love with a rug, then everything else should be designed around it. Contemporary rugs can be stunning statement pieces with their distinct lines and designs. Bright, vibrant colors, such as those found on this Multi Colored Area Rug from Babakech rugs, can set the tone for the rest of the space. A contemporary room looks great when combined with gray, neutral, or blue tones.

Room Comes First

You don't have to settle for a rug that simply matches the rest of your decor. Working with modern and contemporary styles allows you to create a rug that stands out and speaks for itself, which is part of the fun. This Berber Fingerprint Area Rug has a distinctive design that complements any pre-existing room.


The Time Has Come to Purchase a Modern/Contemporary Rug


You are now much more familiar with the distinctions between the style characteristics that help determine what is a modern rug and what is a contemporary rug. While the information is still current, why not visit Babakech Rugs and make use of the exclusive sale? Your perfect, luxurious rug is waiting for you... and your newly renovated room.