Cleaning Moroccan Rugs

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Moroccan rugs are unlike regular rugs, they need much care when it comes to cleaning. You should be aware of the chemicals you will use in order to not cause any damages.

Moroccan rugs can be vacuumed, but when it comes to deep cleaning, flatweave (kilim rugs) are much easier to clean than thick piles or Bouchrouite rugs.




If you got only a spot on your rug like from a pet stain or a spill, start by placing some paper towels on the spot, then put some baking soda on the spot in order to soak up the liquid. leave it for a while then vacuum it.


In case this method did not work, mix some distilled vinegar and cold water in a 1-1 ratio, spray the mixture on the spot and let it sit for at least fifteen minutes. then brush it using a soft brush.

Deep cleaning your Moroccan rug can be difficult if it is colorful, that is why Beni Ourain rugs are easier to clean as they are mainly made of natural undyed colors; black and white.




Before you start the cleaning process, we suggest that you clean it somewhere where you can hang it on the sun to dry perfectly.


Start with getting rid of any dirt it might be on the rug by shaking it outside, or start directly with vacuuming it. Try to remove as much as possible dirt while dry to make the washing easier.

Now spray water on the rug and keep in mind that it will get heavier with water on it. It will also take some time to soak all the water.




Use a soap of your choice but make sure it is not dyed soap to not ruin the rug, then gently brush through the rug using a soft brush. Clean the rug with water again to remove all the soap.


The last step is hang the rug for a while so that the excess water will run off then you can try to squeeze it . Let it dry outside, the more sun it gets the better. Make sure that it is super dry before taking back inside your home, water can cause serious damages to your rug.

You can use the vacuum again to make the rug fluffy as it was before washing.

This method may consume some of your time and energy but it is less expensive and will work best for your rug.