How to Choose the Right Size of a Rug

Rugs Tips


Moroccan rugs come in a variety of sizes and serve a variety of functions. Amazigh rugs are almost available for almost every room in your house, as well as your kitchen, even your bathroom or outdoors areas. Although a rug may be used as the focal point of a living room, it is not the only space where it can be used. Rugs in various rooms will support your entire house, and as a result, you will need to buy rugs of various sizes. 


Very Small Rugs



The vast majority of people buy very small rugs. This is usually due to the fact that they are less expensive -given the fact that Moroccan rugs are a bit higher in price because they are of premium quality- and they are attempting to save money this way. Even though you can shop rugs on a budget, keep in mind that you will be dissatisfied with your investment if your rug is way too small for space.

In a huge space, a tiny rug will appear negligible. Its impact would be lost if you bought it to make a strong statement. It will not succeed in framing the area. If the rug does not extend far enough to satisfy your needs, you will feel the floor under your feet. 

Consider purchasing a rug that is slightly lower in quality but slightly large when you go rug shopping. You would be satisfied with a rug that is the exact size you need rather than one that is of high quality but seems meaningless in your space. 

Layering is one option if you have a rug that is tiny. If you already own a small rug that you adore, consider layering a larger rug underneath it to fill the gaps. You might go for a simple flatweave rug in a neutral color palette. This is the ultimate solution for small rugs that you already own or the ones that you are obsessed with and want to own.  


Large Rooms



There are rugs designed specifically for hallways and tight spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Long rugs would be needed for long spaces. As you can find a huge variety of sizes, you can as well find Moroccan floor runners rugs made especially for this purpose. Basically, you should avoid using a rug that is not in the same shape of the space. 


Take Measurements


In a perfect scenario, you can measure your space and choose a Moroccan rug that best suits the space you need to fill. If you have a living room, you can use a big rug and put your furniture on the top of it, or you can use a medium-sized rug and place your furniture just off the edges. 

If you have several pieces of furniture in your home, such as chairs and lounges, make sure that they are all either on top of the rug or off of it. It is best to avoid putting some on the top of the rug and others off, as this will not look very appealing. The only exception is if you have a coffee table in the middle of the rug with chairs arranged around it. 


Selecting the Right Sized Rug


With a tape measurement, measure the room you want to purchase a rug for, and then choose a rug that suits the measurements. Note that getting the right size and shape rug will make you happier with your investment and it will add the wanted touch to your space.