How to Maintain a Moroccan Rug

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Your Moroccan rug is basically a precious investment, and it doesn’t make sense to ignore it and let it wither away when you can make it last for decades. Now does it? Whether wool-based or flatwoven, Moroccan rugs overall can be slightly sensitive and easily damaged but If maintained well and treated with love, expect a rug that will last as good as new for generations to come.
Making the best use out of your rug can quite naturally take the best out of it in return. The instructions prepared under will efficiently save face with your Moroccan rug.

Regular Cleaning


Rugs are the largest indoor surface used on a daily basis and are inclined to get dirty and worn. To retain its beauty and functionality, it’s essential to keep your rug well cleaned all the time. They are primarily designed to disguise dirt. You wouldn’t see it and even feel like vacuuming until it’s too late. By the time you get to it, the dust gets settled in and starts damaging the fabrics. That is why vacuuming in a regular routine is the most effective and economic means of keeping your rug healthy and dust-free. It is highly recommended to vacuum your rug in one direction using suction only as using the bristle attachment can cause your rug to wear out more quickly.

Spill Something?


This simple one-step system will eradicate all your spillage-related issues. Add to it the fact that 98% of stains can often be removed with water if treated immediately without any delay, and only then you can have a stain-free beautiful rug for a long time. So if you are facing any spillage or accidents involving liquids, make sure to blot the spilled area using a damp cloth with plain water then hang it under the sun to dry perfectly. It is advised not to use soap or any other cleaning product, as they could damage and fade the rug.

Shoes Off!


Moroccan rugs, shoes off,

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really make all the difference. Taking off your shoes and asking guests to do so as well can keep your rug looking new and healthy. No matter how embarrassing it is, trust me nobody wants to end up with a dirty rug. Also, placing doormats both outside your front and back doors will encourage people (and yourself) to wipe their feet before entering your house. The sooner you can get into the habit of these smaller things the better because you really will begin to see the difference.

Keep your Rug Dehydrated

Moisture is your worse enemy when it comes to Moroccan rugs. A wet rug is a big no-no, especially when you fail to dry spilled liquid on the rug within 24 hours, which will lead to some serious problems such as mold, and area rugs close to bathrooms and kitchens are more subjected to it. Therefore, keeping your rug in a constant dry state would result in a hygienic, mold-free space, and odor-free.

 The beauty and life of your rug depend entirely on the care it receives. Make your investment worthwhile by scheduling the time to carry out these duties in order to keep a good-looking rug. Be strict with yourself to make sure you stick to it and make it happen. If you find that you’re struggling to keep up, It is never shameful to let the professionals do the work.